Wado Kai College of Karate-do


The Wado Kai College of Karatedo actively promotes and coaches the traditional and authentic Japanese martial art of Wado Ryu.

The College was established in 1976 in Gillingham, Kent, England, UK.

Tam Darcy sensei commenced the study of Wado Kai karate in 1969. Sensei Tam, as well as being a highly proficient and experienced black belt, is also a fully qualified karate and sports coach.

During the late 70`s Tam was the assistant instructor at Herriot Watt University in Edinburgh. Sensei Tam won the Scottish Open Karate Championships held in Aberdeen and was also a member of the Scotland Karate Team.

The Wado Kai College has, over the years, participated in many karate tournaments, at local, regional, national and international levels. Members of the College have consistently been placed and won many of these competitions. In fact the College have had many students selected to compete for the England team, with much success, on many occasions.

To date the College has dojos throughout Britain, with dojos in Russia, Holland, Italy, Germany, Azerbaijan and Japan.

The College has also, over the years, featured in all the Kent media, and also appeared live on television. The College has, also, regularly appeared in all the leading karate and martial arts magazines, in the UK and all around the world.

The College is open seven days a week and has a fully equipped karate gym available for all members.

The College actively follows the Governing Body’s Coach Education and Instructor Qualification Programme.

The College coaches offer you the highest standard of quality instruction available.

Visitors are made very welcome at the College !

If you are visiting Britain, and would like to train in our dojo, please e-mail me for details of our training schedule.

Tam Darcy sensei 6th. dan.

College Principal.

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